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Lowest long distance rates
4.9 USA, 4.9 Toll Free
Inexpensive international rates
See each other using videophone with ordinary TV and phone; we have the best videophone for you.
New VideoPhone
Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) & T1
Ultra fast Internet services using ordinary phone line, or T1 Line
Web Site Hosting and Email accounts
Web design & $10/month Domain hosting
JFax & eFax services
Receive faxes and voice mail in your email
Translation services
To and from every major language
Free Language Basics
One phone number that rings you at several places at once
Easy-to-remember Toll Free numbers Cheap vanity toll free numbers help customers remember.
Instant Live Talk
Get your customers to call you from your web site
Deliver web based content to your customers
Information Services
Find what you are looking for on the Web

Protect your information
Clear your computer from traces of your activity

low rate long distance service, credit repair, translation services

Certified Consulting & Training

ACT! - remember who and when to call
SalesLogix - enterprise contact manager
InterACT - web based contact manager

GoldMine - award winning contact manager

pcTelecommute - work from anywhere
WinFax - sending faxes from your computer
TalkWorks - automated call center

George Soutar, Authorized Telegroup and IsTerra Representative
703-486-2222 * 800-319-3190 * 888-892-3660 Fax

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