Lowest cost Long Distance telephone rates
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Lowest long distance rates on Global Fiber Network

Domestic Rates - USA

International Rates

3.45 in the USA
3.9 Toll Free

Works with Mobile or Regular
Under 4 cents per minute to England, France, Russia
Under 50 cents to Iraq
Under 20 cents to India

3.45 per minute

C I Corporation, a Global Fiber Net and Cognigen authorized agent, is proud to offer the lowest cost long distance telephone rates available anywhere.  We offer the lowest long distance rates for interstate, international, callback, direct access, 800 toll free numbers, international toll free numbers, international calling cards, pre-paid calling cards, T1 hookups, and Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL). 

Best IntraState rates
For calls within any state in the USA (ex. town to town).

Best US to International Direct Dial rates!
Our best international rates from the US!  Direct dial from your phone.

Best Country to Country Direct rates any place!
Global Access Direct from USA or International.
Use from anywhere, like a calling card.




US St. Petersburg
US Germany 11
US France 12
US Israel 16
US Japan 15
US Australia 11
US Hong Kong  15
IsTerra-Telegroup Calling Options



3.45/min on any Interstate call

Country to Country via Callback

800/888 Inbound calls @ just 3.9/min

Tollfree to any Country

Country to Country Direct
From USA or International.
Use from anywhere, like a calling card.  These are the best international rates anyplace!

Phone Cards 10 /min (no connect charge, 6 second billing)

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Easy-to-remember vanity toll free number


Be sure to tell your local carrier to set you up with
Qwest PIC Code 0432
Verify with 700-555-4141

C I Corporation
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-Telegroup Authorized Agent
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Tel: (800) 669-4570

Fax: (888) 892-3660

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