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Product Info
WinFax PRO™ 9.0 software takes Symantec's industry-leading fax solution to new levels of flexibility, reliability, and ease of use. It's the #1 choice for hassle-free faxing.
The #1 Choice in Hassle Free Faxing
Key Features
Find out about all the new features WinFax PRO 9.0 has to offer your small business or office. Learn about the easy to use fax-send screen, network fax sharing, remote fax retrieval and many more features.
Key FeaturesKey Features

System Requirements
A detailed list of all the system requirements you'll need to run WinFax PRO 9.0.
System RequirementsSystem Requirements

Press Releases
Get the latest news from Symantec about WinFax PRO.
Press ReleasesPress Releases

Y2K Compliance
WinFax PRO has been tested and validated as year 2000 compliant. Symantec's strong commitment to Year 2000 issues ensures your productivity into the future.
Y2K ComplianceY2K Compliance

Software Development Kit
The WinFax Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of three documents that software developers can use to either extend the functionality of WinFax or leverage WinFax's functionality as part of another software application.
Software Development KitSoftware development kit
You can purchase WinFax PRO 9.0 (downloadable and packaged) online from ShopSymantec. List Price: $119.95* US.
Purchase from ShopSymantecPurchase from ShopSymantec

Corporate WinFax PRO
Save time and money while you fax straight from your PC! Discover how WinFax PRO is the right corporate solution for all of your faxing needs.
Corporate WinFax PROCorporate WinFax PRO

WinFax Tips and Tricks
Get the most out of WinFax PRO - Learn to use WinFax PRO more confidently and productively by catching up on all the best tips, tricks and articles from WinFax Forum, an IBS Publication.
Tips and TricksWinFax Tips and Tricks

Third Party Components
Learn more about the third party components that integrate with WinFax PRO.
Third Party ComponentsThird Party Components

Best For You
Compare the features of WinFax PRO and TalkWorks PRO to find out which product best meets your business needs.
Best For YouPress Releases

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