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Vivid Video Quality

Fastest Video Connection

Easy & Convenient Video Communication

Same Rate as Normal Phone Call Charge

Standalone International Standard Compliance


Owners Manual

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1. Plug the handset into the jack on the videophone body.

2. Plug the exlusive power supply to POWER connector on the C&S.

3.Connect the power cable to the power adapter and plug the other end of the cable into a wall outlet.

4. Plug a phone cable into the jack labeled LINE on the back of the C&S.


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CCD Camera: Captures your image
LCD Screen: Display the other party and your image
Power Indicator: When on, it indicates that power is connected to video phone. Monitor Indicator: Light when LCD Screen is activated or blinking at auto-answering

(remote surveillance) mode Speaker: You can hear the other party's sound through this

Package List:
Videophone unit
Power adapter
User manual
Power cable
Phone cable


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Owners Manual