Email Processing Rules

Spam Filter - you can set up Email Processing Rules to filter out unsolicited email, based on the Sender, Subject, or Body of the email.  So you don't even have to look at it.  Save time by having a spam-free In box.

---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
From: <>
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 02:44:28 -0500


Shows you how to get the facts on anyone.

The SOFTWARE They Wanted BANNED In all 50 States! Why?  Because
these secrets were never intended to reach your eyes....

Get the facts on anyone using the Internet!...



This is NOT SPAM.  To be removed from our mailing list please
send an email to:
and place remove in the subject
Thank you

Unfortunately, typing "Remove" in the subject line is not sufficient to remove you from the spammers' lists.  It only shows them that yours is a valid email address, and may add you to more lists.

One solution is to redirect the email to a special mailbox, called Zap_Spam.  The Z will cause it to alphabetize to the bottom of your mail box list.

1. Go to the Menu

2. Select Options

3. Select Change Processing Rules

4. Select

5. Enter the Add a Rule screen as follows  (Note: the buttons are for illustration purposes only):

Add a Rule
Send mail when the Select the field that you want to search.
    contains doesn't contain
Enter a search string in the text box above. Enable the checkbox to allow the search text to come from an external file. The listbox shows a list of the existing rule files. Click on 'Update' to get the contents of selected rule file. The maximum limit for a direct search string (not from an external file) is 255. Search strings more than 255 will be truncated at 255. Search string from file
  to the Mailbox    
  Select a mailbox from the list or Enter a new mailbox. Incoming mail will be directed to this mailbox when the rule is asserted. When "<new>" is selected user has to enter a new mailbox name in the textbox. If nothing is entered in the textbox the mailbox name is taken as "new".


  Match Case Enable this option for a case sensitive match.



After you add a few rules, here is a sample of what the result may look like.

Demo - Server Processing Rules

To add a new rule, click on the Add button.
  Existing Rules
Field Rule Value Sub-Area        
Body contains This is not Spam Zap_Spam   Down Rule Down   Modify   Delete  
Body contains This is not a SPAM Zap_Spam Up Rule Up   Down Rule Down   Modify   Delete  
Body contains Type "REMOVE" in the subject line Zap_Spam Up Rule Up   Down Rule Down   Modify   Delete  
Body contains the software they wanted banned in all 50 states Zap_Spam Up Rule Up   Down Rule Down   Modify   Delete  
Subject contains AMAZING OFFER Zap_Spam Up Rule Up     Modify   Delete  

You can then check your Zap_Spam mailbox, to review them to double check that they are all deletable.  Then Select All, then Delete.

Filtering by IP Addresses