Satisfied Clients

When you are travelling, you mentioned that a Web based email interface is most convenient, from the nearest cybercafe or library.

When you are in the office, your POP (Post Office Protocol) account which you can "fetch" with your email client (such as Microsoft Outlook, Netscape Messager, Eudora, Quickmail, etc) is most convenient.

Why not have ALL the possibilities?

Here is information about an excellent, dependable email system we have been using, and recommending to clients. It goes along with the Web sites we have set up. Here are some satisfied clients, and how they use the various email features: Securities. Investment Advisors in Washington DC.
FGSecurities President Bob Mann has email accounts for his brokers,
including "aliases" for variations on their names such as, &
plus a "catch all" account
so no email gets lost as long as they put - Andrew Edlin, Real Estate Broker
We also showed him how to update his site with photos of houses for sale.
Andrew checks his email
using his local ISP account for dialup, then fetches the mail from our server using the "POP Account" option. - Dr. Larry Farwell's EEG Applications laboratory
Dr. Farwell use both. He uses his as a "Web Based" option when out of town
making presentations to scientists and officials at organizations such as the FBI.
Then he uses his local dialup, using the "POP Account" option. Ken Krumpe, Maharishi School, Avon Park, Florida
Ken Krumpe checks his email
via an dial-up account which we provided
using the "AutoForward" option.

They could vouch for how fast we got everything running, the reasonable price, dependability, and 24/7 service. You can find many more examples clients at:

Other features, such as AutoResponders, are described at:

We suggest you upgrade your domain to our servers, and benefit from our local service and full featured email accounts.