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Berst Alert
Jesse Berst Monday, September 18, 2000
Don't Get DSL...Until You Read This Guide

Jesse Berst, Editorial Director
ZDNet AnchorDesk

Doesn't every kid try the tin-can-and-string telephone?

It's not the best system, but everybody's got the materials. And it works…pretty well.

Digital subscriber line (DSL) will win the residential fast access race for the same reason: Telephone wire (which is what DSL uses) wasn't designed for high-speed data transfer, but everybody's got it.

And it works…pretty well.

This isn't news to my readers. I've told you before why DSL will win over cable modems Click for more. Today I'll tell you how DSL is gaining ground, and offer tips for staying out of DSL hell.

You knew the thirst for fast access was great. Did you know how soon most people will be able to sign up for DSL?

DSL will be available to at least 70% of U.S. homes by 2004, according to The Pelorus Group. Click for more.

Cable modem subscribers still outnumber DSL users, but the gap is closing fast. EMarketer reports there will be 1.84 million DSL users by year-end, compared to 2.94 million cable modem users. Expect DSL users to outnumber cable users by 2003. Click for more.

You can also see the frenzy to sign up new customers in the headlines.

  • The government tells phone companies they must share their phone lines with DSL providers. Click for more.
  • Covad offers 178,000 Ford employees DSL for $25 per month. Click for more.
  • Verizon Online cuts prices on DSL subscriptions for existing customers and waives modem fees for new sign-ups. Click for more.
  • Juno Online Services Inc. now offers DSL to 39 new markets throughout the United States. Click for more.

If you're lured by the promise of DSL access, here's what you need to know first.

Who offers it. DSL runs over your phone line, but your phone company, thankfully, isn't the only one to offer the service. But don't expect them to tell you about the others. 2Wire's Web site will tell you about ISPs that support DSL in your area. Be sure to click on the "Total DSL Search Results" tab, otherwise you just get 2Wire's partners. Click for more. Or you can go to ZDNet's ISP Finder to compare not just DSL providers, but all flavors of high-speed access in your neighborhood.

When to expect it. Don't Expect DSL to be installed quickly. If you're lucky, no one will have to visit your house and you can install the DSL modem yourself. If you live in a rural area, you're probably out of luck.

How much you'll pay. Some telcos offer sign-up incentives that cut out the cost of the DSL modem, or at least reduce the cost. Expect to pay nothing or $100 or more for the hardware, more if you have to have someone install it for you. After that, you're looking at $35 to $200 per month depending on what type of line you want.

How fast it will be. Entry level DSL will be about 256kbps, but NorthPoint now offers DSL of speeds up to 1.5mbps, or about the same as a T1 line. Monitor your speed: Some consumers aren't getting the speed they thought they were. Click for more.

The best information comes from the experiences of others. For tales from the trenches, go to DSL Reports or check out the links section of

And for a nuts-and-bolts primer, go to ZDNet's DSL Superguide. Click for more.

DSL may be the best and cheapest way to get fast access for a lot of people. It's not flawless -- but it beats tin cans and string.

Are you ready for the switch to DSL? Do you already have it? Hit the TalkBack button and tell me your story, or go to my Berst Alerts Forum where the discussion has already started. And please take a moment to take my QuickPoll below.

What are you willing to pay for DSL every month?

Talkback: Post your comment here
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