Videophones by the year 2001:
on the International Space Station

Station under construction. Videophones are ready today.

Dr. Heywood Floyd (William Sylvester) in videoconference with daughter on Earth
(Actually Vivian Kubrick is the daughter of director Stanley Kubrick)

Shuttle to the International Space Station

Rotation creates gravity on the Space Station.

"Picturephones" are available on the space station

Dr. Floyd: "I'll meet you at the restaurant.
There's a call I'd like to make."

Dr. Floyd presses the button to open the door.

The door slides open to the videophone booth.

He takes a seat in front of the videophone.

He finds a credit card with room on it.

He inserts the card.

Videophone is ready to place call

Dr. Floyd dials his home number.

"What are you doing, Squirt?"

"Playing.  Are you coming to my birthday party tomorrow?"

"I can't, Sweet Heart.  Daddy's traveling."

"Is there anything you would like for your birthday?"

"A telephone."

"We have lots of telephones already. 
Can't you think of anything else you would like?"

"A bush baby"

"Ok. We'll see about that. 
Tell Mommy I called and will call again tomorrow.
Now you be a good girl, and have a happy birthday!"

"Bye bye!

Inexpensive global communications

HAL Videophone

big_hal.gif (52365 bytes)

Getting to the Space Station

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Scenes from 2001: A Space Odyssey by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc.
by written permission request.  Based on the novel by Arthur C. Clarke  

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